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B.O.T.D.F. A band, a movement, a family, a unity of one. This ‘Electronic Rock Duo’ seems to be yielding to no one. Despite the negativity and hate that they receive on a daily basis, they continue to stand for what they believe in, and strive for greatness. Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege to get to know and to become a part of a family that is so, not only well knitted together, but loyal, dedicated, ambitious, and full of grace. “A piece of art is always going to be a piece of art, if you never take the time to study it.”That is exactly how I look and portray my friends in B.O.T.D.F. From the outside, the image can come across to most as intimidating or scary. But given the chance, you will see that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you will never know, if you don’t put forth the effort to find it. To understand and to accept ones individuality, is to realize that every living being is a separate and uniquely distinct individual. From the physical appearance of a person, to the subtle level which is made up of the mind, intelligence and ego, and also more profoundly, on a spiritual level the spiritual identity of a soul is also unique and individual. What I’m trying to get at here, is that despite what you may read or see on the internet, it does not give justice to what is reality. To what is true. So before crossing judgement, ask yourself,”who am I?” “Who am I to pass judgement on a topic I know nothing of?” Mikee Vasquez.


via Blood On The Dance Floor


i wrote “Fake is the new trend” as it speaks for itself,in a caddy,fun mockery of what i consider the new age. It also holds a REAL meaning to myself as an artist. When anyone puts you down,you strike back - a human reaction. This is for all the fakes fucks,in my industry,or in my life,or for anyone else who knows a fake fuck. because FAKE people are always the first to say “Im,real. im not like the others”. In when reality, WE are the REAL people. because we don’t sugarcoat our thoughts to accommodate anyone. because that makes people think its okay to do so. and thats not being real. thats being a fake fucking bitch. So raise a glass,Cheers to Success in honoring yourself as a person,and keeping it REAL.
and i bring some artwork Made by yours Truly. Amanda Bynes. Prime example. Everyone wants to bash her? go for it. but at the end of the day,she can say,that she didn’t die without getting the way she feels off her chest. So i dedicate this song to you,Amanda. And to all of you,i hope you enjoy. “FAKE IS THE NEW TREND” will be available for anyone next month. Brace yourselfs.

// BOTDF <3

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